Quick Text

QuickText help you input frequently used texts quickly without tiring your thumbs and fingures!

With only 3 clicks, Quicktext allows you to store and paste your frequently used texts or sentences onto your text messages, Gmail, G-talk, Facebook, Twitter, and many other applications on your phones! For example, when you register for new apps that require inputs of your name, email, nicknames etc, you can rely on Quicktext to help you quickly input the required texts, as long as you have stored them in your Quicktext Apps beforehand. Not only will you be happy about the time Quicktext save you but your thumbs will feel happy and relaxed, too :)!

The Lite version allows you to save 3 texts (sentences). But with a little money, you will have Quicktext Pro at your finger tips to save as many texts as your phone memory allows. Not only you but your thumbs will feel happy, too!

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Version Info:

⊙ V1.8:Add the date and time button for copying quickly.
⊙ V1.7:Add the Chinese language
⊙ V1.6:Add the sharing function as long press the item. Fix the editing box's size of portrait mode and landscape mode.
⊙ V1.5:Autorun after reboot.
⊙ V1.4:Tune the number of row of Text to be 3.

⊙ V1.3:Fix the bug for saving the sentence containing apostrophes.
⊙ V1.2: Change the status icon to the Ongoing area, and add the hide function to the menu item
⊙ V1.1: Add the setting, and it can hide the text 

⊙ V1.0: Add text, delete text, with Admob
To Store and Edit Frequently Used Texts in your Quicktext
1. Click on the menu to add your frequently used text
2. Click on the text for a few long seconds and you can edit or delete the text you just clicked.
To Use Frequently Used Texts
1. Click on the desired text in your Quicktext
2. Paste it onto the medium you want - ex: Gmail, Twitter, etc.


Pro Version

Download the Pro Version with scanning the QR Code or search the keyword "Quick Text Pro" on the Android market.

Lite Version

Download the Lite Version with scanning the  QR Code or search the keyword "Quick Text Lite" on the Android market.